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Security Tips

Security Tips for Using Wi-Fi Facilities

When using public Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet, you should always be aware of the security implications. The Government Wi-Fi facilities have put in place appropriate security measures, such as peer-to-peer blocking to prevent hacking or attack by neighbour wireless users.

You should pay attention to both the physical security of your mobile device and access control at the software level such as password protection, personal firewall settings and data encryption. You should also install up-to-date patches, as well as anti-virus and anti-spyware definition files. Handy tips are available for using Wi-Fi facilities in public through the following link.

Content Filtering Arrangement

To protect users from unintentionally accessing websites that may contain obscene, indecent, malicious, or illegal contents such as pirated software or illegal gambling, the service provider is required to implement content filtering service for the GovWiFi service. The service provider adopts industry renowned information security and content filtering service and the system employs methodology and practices well recognized on the Internet in classifying websites into different categories automatically. The content filtering system is operated independently by the service provider. GovWiFi neither specifies any additional criteria in websites classification nor requests any monitoring on the operation or details of website analysis. GovWiFi also does not collect or examine any information related to websites being filtered. GovWiFi only requests filtering of websites that are classified as containing obscene, indecent, malicious or illegal contents. The content filtering requirements would be adjusted at some premises in accordance with the Internet usage policy specified by the premises concerned, to align with the operation of these premises. For example, online gambling and online games websites are also filtered by GovWiFi at public libraries. 

If you consider a website is wrongly filtered, please contact the GovWiFi helpdesk (at Tel: (852) 186 111 or email to: for follow up with the content filtering service provider for further study and analysis on the classification.

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