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Programme Overview

Government Wi-Fi Programme (GovWiFi) is one of the major initiatives under the 2008 Digital 21 Strategy to build Hong Kong into a wireless city. The Programme aims to provide FREE wireless Internet access services to all citizens by installing Wi-Fi facilities at designated government premises.

The GovWiFi Programme brings about benefits on all fronts :

  • People can surf the web freely for study, leisure or accessing government services whenever they visit the designated Government premises.
  • Organisations can extend their services to a wireless platform to reach and connect with their clients.
  • ICT industry players can make use of this new wireless platform to develop and provide more Wi-Fi applications, products and supporting services to their clients.
  • Foreign visitors can enjoy Internet access at the designated tourist spots.

The Programme started installing Wi-Fi facilities since early 2008 at various government premises in all 18 districts. These premises include public libraries, public enquiry service centres, sports venues, cultural and recreational centres, cooked food markets and cooked food centres, job centres, community halls, major parks, government buildings and offices. As at December of 2016, we have rolled out service at around 610 premises. You may visit our GovWiFi Locator and Premises List section for details about launched premises and Wi-Fi hotspots locations.

The Next Generation GovWiFi Programme (new Programme) succeeded the initial programme after the expiry of its service contract in December 2012. Enhancements in new Programme include:

  -  extension of service scope to more premises, where there is strong public demand for GovWiFi service;

  -  adoption of Wi-Fi technology standard (IEEE 802.11n), which provides better signal coverage, enables faster data transfer and reduces signal interference;

  -  support the latest Internet communication protocol (IPv6) for accessing web sites and Internet services delivered through IPv6; and

  -  enhance the GovWiFi captive portal to facilitate the provision of more tailored and a greater number of e-government services and contents to the public.


GovWiFi mobile app

"HK GovWiFi " mobile app provides the latest information of GovWiFi and the locations of GovWiFi premises.

Major functions include:

  -  notification function providing latest information of GovWiFi

  -  usage guide, usage tips, configuration videos

  -  list of GovWiFi premises and their locations

  -  premises hotspots diagrams


Common Wi-Fi Branding

To make it easier for the public and visitors to access free Wi-Fi services in Hong Kong, one of the initiatives of 2014 Digital 21 Strategy is to promote a Common Wi-Fi Branding, “Wi-Fi.HK”, for Wi-Fi services which are offered by the public and private sectors completely free or free for a certain period of time in Hong Kong. It will help the public and visitors find and connect to the public Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Hong Kong. GovWiFi is one of the services that joined the common Wi-Fi branding and the SSID used is "Wi-Fi.HK via GovWiFi" which is available in all GovWiFi premises.


Should you have any views or suggestions about the GovWiFi Programme, please call our hotline at (852) 186 111 or contact us by email at

Enjoy free surfing at government Wi-Fi locations.

Go Wireless, Stay Connected. 


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